There Are Two Kinds of Kindness in this World

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There are two kinds of kindness in this world—
The commoner kind having in mind
Only the earthly sensibilities,
And the other taking the broader view
Under the influence of Heaven.

And the many, knowing only the first,
And finding it sweet and satisfying,
Will sometimes mistake the heavenly kindness
For rudeness when they chance across it,
For they do not have in mind all
Its considerations and motives.

And this should not surprise us, for such disagreements
Happen within earthly kindness regarding
What does and does not qualify—
One of which I can demonstrate for you right now.

Some in this world will find it sweetly kind
That two kids would share a soda bottle,
While others would be horrified at the thought that any
Parent would let them have the unhealthy processed sugars.
And others still would be aghast at the unsanitary practice
Of the two drinking from the same bottle.

And surely, not all three groups can be right.

And one wonders what Jesus would do.

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