Pondering a Disarmed Citizenry–and an Armed One

A meme (now altered) that I saw on Facebook.

It’s true that a government has more freedom to do whatever pleases its leaders if the citizens are disarmed. What amazes me, however, is how much an armed public will let its government get away with!

And don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that the shooting should have started already; I’m saying that the public ought to have mobilized itself by now to make the American government play nice—by other means (than violence) that are available to it. But it seems that Americans just don’t care that much about corruption and waste and injustice in government.

And I do wonder just how many of them have managed to use the fact that we are armed to fool themselves somehow that the corruption and tyranny aren’t that bad. It’s ironic to me that some might reason that things will never that “that bad” because we are armed—as if the threat of armed rebellion is sure to keep the government from getting very far out of line. That is to say that they might reason that because we citizens have the ultimate power, things are gonna be OK.

But things are not OK. Governmental corruption and tyranny and injustice are spiking, and while the government can’t do “anything it wants”, it certainly seems to be getting away with a great deal of wrongdoing, with the armed citizenry presenting no obstacle.

I wish we were as well-armed with honesty, rationality, and responsibility as we are with guns! It would be a different life, to be sure!

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