If By Some New Magic

Blind Justice. Credit.

If by some new magic, this land should suddenly
See justice done swiftly and impartially
In government and business alike
With no tyrant or scoundrel ever again
Escaping what is due him by law
America would soon discover not only
What peace and order she has been missing,
But the security that comes from having the leaders
Fear crossing that dreadful line beyond which
Cheating is not an option.

Barring such magic to make it happen, however,
America either has to keep doing without true justice,
Or alternately, she must adopt en masse some powerful religion
Wherein it were the non-negotiable mandate
Of every man to rule himself courageously
In righteousness and truth.

And lacking such religion,
What could she do
But to complain
As she does now?

Contrary to the delusion of some,
God is not now operating American justice.
Else, the corruption would be gone—
For surely, God knows how to run a country.

Rather, the question seems to have been left
Up to how much the people want it.

And by all appearances, we have answered.

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