Three Views of Bible Study

One group will not study the scriptures, because they have no interest in learning the history between God, angels, and man, or the precepts of God.

Meanwhile, another group will study them, doing their best to ignore what they don’t like. They’ll study to bolster their preferred view of the world by commandeering the ones they do.
By this manner of study, they also bolster their view of themselves as they pretend to be properly interested in God.

And the third group studies to learn what all is taught in the scriptures, counting it all
essential material, and striving to understand it as it was intended to be understood.

The first two groups are very large. The third is very small. Even so, many from the second will consider themselves members of the third―even as they battle against members of the third, gaslighting them as to proper interpretation and behavior alike, as if to force themselves through the narrow gate, of which God himself is the keeper.

I do not think either the first or second groups really understand the difference between the nature of the Creature and that of the Creator. Or it could be, rather, that they understand, but simply will not yield themselves to the difference.

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