Playing the Guard Dog

Someone among humankind had to be the first
To venture to believe that asking questions of the Bible,
So as to better understand it is a sin of wanton faithlessness.

This person, supreme fool that he or she was,
Blazed a path for millions who are so afraid to admit
The obvious fact that they don’t know everything.
In that fear, rather than to admit their ignorance and uncertainty
They’re willing to carry on a charade before God and man alike,
Pretending that all the Bible’s truths are neatly wrapped up
In a pretty little package that any faithful person can understand,
More or less, simply upon the hearing it once.

And this is their religion―
One in which they shut off the reflective curiosity of
The human spirit God gave them. And they
Shut down the scripture-processing brain God gave them,
And reduce the scriptures God gave them for a lifetime
Of such pondering and processing to mere occasional glimpses,
Followed by decades of pretense,
So as to assure themselves that the spirit and the brain
And the scriptures are in perfect unity, and that
Anyone who dares to shine a light on such things is sinning.

These are people, it seems, who want in on the action
Without having to commit the acts.
And they don’t want to see others committing the acts
That they themselves won’t commit,
Because it brings the cheat to light all over again,
And they have to be reminded of their foolishness.

Has not God said that his ways and thoughts
Are higher than those of mankind?

Who among us, then, presumes himself so brilliant
As to be able to understand the Bible well
Without copious and protracted study?

You will find such people among those
Claiming faith in the Word while
Playing the guard dog against those
Who are inclined to the actual study of it.

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