They Think

They think that hearing the preacher
Talk about the Bible is pretty much
The same as knowing it for themselves.

They think that being a member
Of what they call “The Lord’s Church”
Is pretty much the same as
Being tight with God themselves.

When it comes to the possibility
Of being wrong about any of their beliefs,
They think it very unlikely that
God would let them be wrong―
Or that he would let the preacher be wrong.
And they think that if they themselves
Were wrong about anything, they’d know it.

This is the culture of the masses,
And this is how the world does “Church”.
And they might recognize some problems
With all this if they knew the scriptures.
But as it is, the preacher would have to
Tell them about it, because they’re not
Very likely to read about it themselves.

And so they do not really trust in
The Word of God nearly so much
As in their preacher, for he can be trusted
To give them little more than what
They find convenient.

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