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The Stupidest Thing

Perhaps the stupidest thing I’ve done routinely in my life is to try to argue the facts with people who do not care about the facts. To this very day, I still find myself surprised at how someone can be … Continue reading

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The Sole Reform Fallacy

I have coined the term Sole Reform Fallacy (or Sole Remedy Fallacy) to name a cognitive error I have seen frequently in play with regard to politics and religion.  Here is its definition. Sole Reform Fallacy—the error of judgment by … Continue reading

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The “Let It Shine” Fallacy

There is a very common fallacy of sorts in our American culture.  It has to do with activism, patriotism, religious fervor, and so forth, and it goes something like this: “I’m going to let my little light shine, and from … Continue reading

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What Intelligence Tests Miss

These are my notes for: What Intelligence Tests Miss:  The Psychology of Rational Thought by Keith E. Stanovich This book is profoundly important as it highlights a crucial deficit in the American awareness of its own cognitive health.  I found … Continue reading

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What is My “World View”?

Every once in a while, someone inquires about my “world view”.   Here it is: There is nothing unreal in the entire known Universe, with the one exception of what happens in the imaginations of humans. Humans often get trapped in … Continue reading

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Where Lies the Bulk of Human Evils

It is my observation that the bulk of human evils lies in the taking of that which does not really belong to the taker.  Let me count the ways: Taking conclusions, opinions, or beliefs that are not fairly derived from … Continue reading

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Credentials? Really?

Earlier today I posted an article and video about a non-Christian scientist who finds some problems with Darwinian Evolution.  I also posted a link to my article on a Facebook discussion, where the following noteworthy discussion ensued between a friend … Continue reading

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The Gold Bar Metaphor

See this gold bar? Chances are, you’ve never seen one laying on a neighbor’s lawn.  Likewise, I’d say that chances are pretty good that if you had one, you wouldn’t keep it out our your lawn, either. And why not?

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Bill Nye the Science Guy Waxes Unscientific on the Theories of Evolution and Creation

NOTE: The author of this article believes not only that irrational creationists and irrational evolutionists alike are in the wrong, but that there are practically as many of one as there are of the other.  The goal of this criticism … Continue reading

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Understanding What Does Not Constitute Logical Proof

Let me say at the start that this is not an article on the nuts and bolts of logic.  No, this is an article about irrational human behavior that I have witnessed with such frequency and over such a long … Continue reading

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