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Merrily Posteth the Fool!

Here’s one of the best Shakespeare quotations ever!  And my, how it applies to our modern hearsay/Facebook culture! “Merrily posteth the Fool, yet vetteth not, that which he wast but told I had said.” Shakespeare ~ Twelfth Night, Act II, … Continue reading

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The Sole Reform Fallacy

I have coined the term Sole Reform Fallacy (or Sole Remedy Fallacy) to name a cognitive error I have seen frequently in play with regard to politics and religion.  Here is its definition. Sole Reform Fallacy—the error of judgment by … Continue reading

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The “Let It Shine” Fallacy

There is a very common fallacy of sorts in our American culture.  It has to do with activism, patriotism, religious fervor, and so forth, and it goes something like this: “I’m going to let my little light shine, and from … Continue reading

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The Mutual Repulsion Society

The Christian thinks his philosophy is better than that of the Atheist, for he detects in the Atheist some illogical argumentation here and there.  And he sees the dogmatic spirit in the Atheist and declares “Atheism is a religion, too!” … Continue reading

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What is My “World View”?

Every once in a while, someone inquires about my “world view”.   Here it is: There is nothing unreal in the entire known Universe, with the one exception of what happens in the imaginations of humans. Humans often get trapped in … Continue reading

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Why America Fell

You can read my latest essay on its own website here:  

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My Fear

The encroachments of government against liberty, decency, and justice in the United States seem to be accelerating.  Spying on the citizens in various ways, forcing us to buy insurance, forcing us to vaccinate our kids with toxic drugs, making ammunition … Continue reading

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How I Beat Advanced Spider Solitaire a Bajillion Times and What It Means for the Rest of My Life

Whooda thunkit, but I learned some invaluable life lessons from a solitaire card game that came preloaded on my computer! The game is Spider Solitaire (advanced 4-suit version) and if you don’t know it, don’t worry; I won’t bore you … Continue reading

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Pelham’s Law of the Tyranny of the Masses

Pelham’s Law of the Tyranny of the Masses:  The citizens become collectively complicit in tyranny when they allow it to flourish. Corollary 1:  Neither ignorance, fear, distraction, nor apathy excuse the citizens from purging tyranny.  Nor does participation in failing … Continue reading

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Pelham’s Law of Governmental Control

Pelham’s Law of Governmental Control:  Governments are controlled by those who drive the hardest and are hardest to deter. Corollary 1:  Those who control a government are unlikely to give it up voluntarily.

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