In the entire history of the Planet Earth, not once has any person done an impossible thing.

The truth of that statement should be self evident. The real trick is in figuring out what it should mean for us. For one thing, it tends to rob of us our common excuses, for other people sometimes do things that we have told ourselves are impossible to do.

Another implication of it is that the miracles reported in eons past were not impossible; they were done by some method that is possible, yet unknown to us—or by some power that is possible, but not held by us. And this should not surprise us as science comes up with new capabilities every day—things that we did not know how to do before.

One way that people frequently give up too soon is that they decide that certain things are beyond knowing—beyond being figured out—when they are not really beyond knowing. Of course, the person who quits trying to figure out what he has decided is impossible to figure out—-well, the chances of him figuring it out after quitting are quite low.

People who persist, however—who keep working the puzzle after others have quit—they are the ones who will make some awesome discoveries from time to time. And when they do, many others will immediately dismiss their findings as “impossible”. Indeed, it was once “impossible” for man to find a way to fly, yet today, flying is ordinary.

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