Why Donald Trump Should Be in the White House, According to a Non-Trump Supporter

I am a true Constitutionalist who thinks that the US Constitution, while not perfect, presents a form and function of government that is superior to our modern-day de facto version of it. As a Constitutionalist– a strict one — I cannot throw in with either major political party. (And I don’t like the minor parties, either, for many of the same reasons, along with some other reasons that I won’t bore you with here.)

So, then, why do I think that Donald Trump should be in the White House now? I think it’s because it’s increasingly obvious that the election of November 3 2020 was rigged by a far-reaching, computer-based algorithm, such as was exposed in Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium of August 10-12, 2021. I think it’s fairly obvious that China intervened to get Trump out, and that Biden is complicit in it.

My opinions about Trump, therefore, have nothing to do with it. I did not support him for office, and I do not think he’s a true Constitutionalist, although, on some matters, he does indeed favor the Constitution more than does Biden. Many will find me insane for not playing the Lesser-Of-2-Evils (LO2E) game, and perhaps I’ll demonstrate sometimes soon why playing the LO2E game makes us all LO2Ers in my book. (Let the reader understand.)

But to be perfectly fair, if I were playing the LO2E game, I’d have definitely voted for Trump. From my strictly-Constitutionalist perspective, I do prefer Trump to Biden, just as one prefers one poke in the eye with a sharp stick to ten pokes in the eye with a sharp stick. But this isn’t about Jack preferring Trump to Biden; it’s about Jack preferring a fair election to a fraudulent one. At least Trump was (previously) elected fairly by the American people—like him or not. (And actually, I believe that Hillary’s camp was dumbfounded because they, too, cheated, but had underestimated how much they’d need to cheat to get it done.) Biden’s inauguration, however, is not the result of winning fair and square.

There is much to be said about the fraud. It’s quite an expansive topic, and it deserves meticulous documentation. It would be quite a luxury to have the time to give it the treatment it deserves. And I’m afraid that such project is also a necessity—if America is to right itself with regard to the integrity of her elections. For one thing, there simply needs to be an efficient and accurate clearinghouse for 2020 election fraud information. I have taken a basic stab at a rough iteration of that concept here, though a much more effective and thorough version of it is in order.

Further, as Lindell frequently points out, the American media are quite an obstacle in informing the people about the truth, as they are almost completely in cahoots in covering up what happened. Therefore, steps need to be taken to revert to old-school transmission of information—such as bumper stickers and sharing by email chain, and email subscriptions to daily information digests.

There are many champions at work–each finding him- or herself in a time of invention—for who of us are veterans a fighting such a battle against Chinese election intervention? It cannot be overstated, therefore, how important it is to get the word out on what is being done to fight for the forensic audits in the voting districts, for for the decertification of election results by the state legislatures. If it’s going to happen, it ultimately comes down to the people making it happen. And this means that the people have to determine to get the word out themselves, and that they have to be facilitated as much as possible to this end. And that’s a tall order. Yet it’s simply necessary.

America, I’m certain, is in a fight for her life. If we can no longer elect our own leaders fairly, we have lost the very foundation of our freedom.

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