These Final Days of the United States of America

A non-Republican, non-Democrat perspective.

by Jack Pelham

Globalists (by which term I mean Communists) have been slowly chipping away at the defenses of the United States for a very long time. They promised back in the 50s to do it, and if you read their long-known strategies, it’s scary to see just how much they’ve accomplished since then.) America has grown dull, however, and relatively few among her see these developments as particularly alarming—yet–even though elected officials from both major parties are complicit in this subterfuge.

Yes, it’s that classic frog-in-the-slowly-heated-pot thing, where they play the “long game” against us, working under the radar of our awareness so that they don’t overwhelm our ability to keep pretending that things are pretty much OK. America has had her alarmists, of course, but she has not listened, and is still not listening. And so, she is about to learn the hard way, and history may well write “They told you so” on her headstone.

We are in dire straits, and a storm like we’ve never seen before is coming. Slowly, over the decades, the Federal Government has quit enforcing the Rule of Law that made this country great (not perfect, mind you, but great). At the same time, and particularly with their hands unconstitutionally in the business of education, they have seen to it that recent generations of Americans would leave school cognitively dull, ignorant, and with a sense of entitlement to those things that the wisdom of the ages has taught us must come through one’s own work, and not through entitlement.

Meanwhile, the constant degradation of the political philosophy of the United States, and the degradation of her government, have had important consequences that too few Americans understand. Federal law enforcement has quit enforcing important laws in many cases, leaving corrupt officials in office, rather than prosecuting them. Executive orders have made immigration control stand down, opening the borders to unvetted peoples, including criminals and terrorists. The elections process in all 50 states has been compromised such that the still-popular belief that our elections will be fair from here forward is just foolish. Payments are being made to our enemies—such as the shutdown of the Keystone XL pipeline, which benefits Russia beyond my ability to calculate, or the surrender of $85 billion in arms and other goods left in Afghanistan—and the willful, wanton, and reckless turnover of Afghanistan itself to its neighbor, China, who wants control of its mineral and oil deposits. (No, we should never have been in Afghanistan, but there’s a smart way to end an occupation, and then there’s the way Biden did it.)

It goes on and on, beyond my own awareness, I’m sure.

Now, before I say more about Biden, I must state for the record that I’m neither a Republican nor a Trump supporter—although Trump certainly should be in office as he was the rightful winner of the 2020 election.

Biden’s reign is an exercise in tearing down long-standing obstacles to a globalist/communist takeover of the US. He is the pretender/gatekeeper who has sold us out to our many enemies, and who now opens the gate at their signal. And he’s not the only one. If he leaves is removed from office, there are plenty others in power to keep the game in play.

After much consideration, I have come to expect a major catastrophe in the US that will leave us fighting each other for food, water, and fuel, and that will wreck our economy completely. Imagine no internet, phones, or electricity—and no more goods coming into Walmart. In very short order, Americans who do not steal now, would resort to stealing from each other. And that’s when the killing will start. And practically overnight, our “normal” American experience will turn into something more like our many post-apocalypse movies.

With Biden at the helm, I would expect no effective intervention to help keep the order during that time of Americans killing Americans. I would expect him not to intervene effectively in the starvation, but to let it happen—even if he’s pretending to try to help. The Globalist-Communist goal in it all would be to soften us up, letting us kill each other by the millions. And then, after some months of that, the invasions would start. Whether it’s in the guise of UN troops, sent to “keep the peace” (that is, to disarm us and to arrest the critics of the regime), or whether it’s more traditional military attacks on American soil from various enemy states, it will serve to the same ugly purpose. And at the end of the story, in whatever form it may play out, foreigners will own our houses and cities–whether we’re still alive to life as serfs under their Dominion or not.

And I capitalized “Dominion” on purpose–just to point out the irony that the Dominion voting systems (along with other electronic systems) have played such a major role in this coup. The cheating of the 2020 election made it possible to replace our government instantly with one more useful for the globalists. No more slow heating of the pot! Now things are shifting into high gear suddenly.

And you should know what I’m talking about as Biden’s break-neck speed in corrupting the government is well-documented. Here’s an account of his misdeeds up through April 21, many of which are more instrumental in the coup than one might realize at first blush. We’ve shifted into high gear, and in the past year and a half, many of the corporations have finally shown their fuller colors in ways that are surprising to us. It seems they are doing the Globalists’ bidding, too—and all along, we thought they were just companies trying to do business, and not Social Justice Warriors bent on corrupting America’s sense of morality and fair play. But they have tipped their hands enough so far that we have a harder and harder time pretending that we’re still in the what we might want to view as the “good ol’ days” of capitalist good will.

As we know from the Russian cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline, it’s quite possible for major disruptions to be created overnight by advanced hackers. And I think it reasonable that this was just a test, with a slew of such attacks being planned for the big event. Or another possibility that would hit us on a similarly nasty scale would be an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack that would wipe out our power grid and damage the bulk of our electronic devices. This would immediately put us in a Dark Ages scenario, with the ugly exception that modern Americans have little clue how to survive in Dark Ages situations.

I consider it impossible to describe the panic and mayhem that would ensue. Most American jobs would be gone. Wealth would be destroyed. Bank accounts would be closed and cash would quickly become meaningless. Barter would become the de facto currency. Theft, of course, would skyrocket. The stores would quickly be emptied and resupply would come to a quick end. And we’d all discover that the gardens and chicken coops we had been meaning to build for years are now absolute necessities that we can’t build overnight. And of course, such things are completely impossible, anyway, for those who live in apartments, or who live in localities that restrict such things. Sure, all such restrictions may be disregarded once it all “hits the fan”, but again, you won’t be eating eggs, chickens, or tomatoes from your own yard the day you decide to start such operations.

These predictions of collapse are not new, and they don’t originate with me. Ron Paul, for instance, has long been predicting the economic collapse of our fraudulent financial system, and he’s still saying so this week as he details the von Mises “crack-up boom”.

Though I’m no prophet, I’m strongly inclined to believe that America’s good ol’ days are pretty much over, and that from here forward, we will take our place among the countless masses of this world who have suffered war and poverty and corruption and overt tyranny for all, or most of, their lives. And why not? That is, why shouldn’t it happen to us, too? We’re not immune to it. And we’ve certainly had it coming.

(While you were sleeping, your American government carried out many sinister deeds across the world, from which many simply want to be freed, while others want to exact revenge upon the US—government and citizens alike. Yes, even though you didn’t engage in these things, you are going to be held accountable for them. And how can we argue that it’s not fair to hold a people accountable for the bad acts of their government?)

Americans have long history of neglect. They refused to take a stand when the First Congress passed the Judiciary Act of 1789, undermining the Constitution in the very first year it was put into effect. (It illegally gave the federal courts the power to strike down state laws–which power had flatly been denied to the federal government by the framers of the Constitution.) And what did America do about that? Nothing. She let it ride—as obviously corrupt as it was in that day.

And we have let similar things ride again and again in our messy history, until now, at least, things are so corrupt and far-reaching as to make it hard to imagine any path to restoration of the founding principles. It’s hard to quantify, but I’d be amazed if even 5% of what the government does today is actually authorized by the Constitution. And even so, do they not still take that Oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

Yes, they take that Oath. And when they take it, they are lying. And they know they’re lying. And if you’re wondering why they would tell that lie, it’s because we won’t let them into office if they don’t tell it. And we have lied to ourselves, too. We have pretended that the constant breaking of that Oath is somehow tenable—that things can still somehow turn out OK, even though we have let the foxes in the hen house. We have lied to ourselves that the government will take care of itself and keep its own house clean, and that we, meanwhile, can just focus on enjoying our lives and entertaining ourselves to death.

We have become corrupt to the point where we are incapable of governing ourselves. In light of this, Benjamin Franklin’s words seem particularly foreboding:

“In these Sentiments, Sir, I agree to this Constitution, with all its Faults, if they are such; because I think a General Government necessary for us, and there is no Form of Government but what may be a Blessing to the People if well administered; and I believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a Course of Years, and can only end in Despotism as other Forms have done before it, when the People shall become so corrupted as to need Despotic Government, being incapable of any other.

Benjamin franklin’s final speech to the constitutional convention. philadelphia. 1787.

We have become sloppy in our thoughts and beliefs and practices, such that one American can hardly speak up for reform without himself introducing several flawed proposals or statements of “fact”. Both parties think theirs is the best answer, even as they regularly violate the principles of their own platforms—to say nothing of the principles of the Constitution that they have sworn to uphold. We are a messy lot, and I recently made the metaphor somewhere or other that the typical American “fighting to save the country” is like a school janitor mopping the cafeteria while still having mud on his own boots. That’s how careless our political doctrine is.

I wrote the following words in 2012, in my book, Character Not Included: What America must fix before she can fix anything else.

Though a man may inherit the most glorious mansion in the world, he cannot inherit the type or fortitude of character necessary to keep its lawn mowed.  That, he must supply himself.  Simply put, the character is not included.

So it is with America.  Our national inheritance—the principles of freedom, self reliance, and self rule upon which our nation was founded—is, perhaps, the most amazing inheritance of any nation in the recent history of the Earth, yet we, the people, have proven again and again that we lack the high character necessary to maintain it well.  Indeed, each generation passes the inheritance along to its children in worse shape than when they received it.

America desperately needs to have a serious and fundamental conversation about the declining state of the Union, but she is in no shape to have it.  Her Constitution, which she hardly reads, is being brazenly violated by her government, to which she pays little close attention.  Similarly, she has readily tolerated the increasing violation of her rights because the government has promised her protection from certain dangers in return.  Thus, she stupidly trades one for the other when no such trade is truly necessary. 

Further, she has been negligent in discerning and guarding the truth—both of the past and of the present.  She has delegated her own education and information to unscrupulous authors, publishers, and media such that she is almost completely at the mercy of what she has been told, as opposed to what she might have learned for herself with careful study.  As a result, she lauds as national heroes some of the most conniving and lawless figures in our history, and as national paradigms, some of the most senseless and counterproductive notions imaginable.

Speaking most generally, she has become a dull consumer, mindlessly lapping up the news, information, history, education, products, services, lifestyles, role models, entertainment, careers, foods, health habits, and religions that are put forth for her.  As a result, she is now ill-equipped to do her own thinking.  What started out as a people who were known for being able to solve their own problems is now a nation that looks to government for the answers.  Under such an arrangement, however, when government itself becomes a problem, a serious crisis will naturally ensue as there is no one left to govern the government.  And so we find ourselves today; the people are looking to the government for solutions, while the government is, in many cases, no longer interested in what is best for the people.

This dangerous trend must be stopped if we are to save our Union from destruction.  Many have proposed various stopgap measures to remedy what ails us, but I am convinced that the only way it can be saved is for the people to learn to think a new way.  We must achieve a higher level of information and adopt a new attitude of self empowerment—an attitude that I will demonstrate at length was present at our nation’s beginning far more than it is now.  But where shall we begin in this reform since the nation can even hardly remember the truth about its own beginnings? In other words, since it won’t be easy and convenient, how can a culture of convenience possibly achieve it?

Well, it starts with you.  And that’s not just some dodging platitude that one finds in books whose authors have no real idea how to fix anything.  No, as you will read at length, I am convinced that if you walk away from this book thinking in a new way, it really has a chance to make a difference on the national level.  I say this because I have a plan to restore you to your rightful place in our body politic.


That was nearly a decade ago, and I have found close to zero takers for my message of personal reform—of personal education and responsibility. That’s not to suggest that no Americans are concerned for how things are going, nor are doing anything about it, but that almost every American who has such concerns is him- or herself eaten up with the cancer of partisan hypocrisy. And let me spell it out for you in uncertain terms: If you point an accusatory finger at the other party for violating the Constitution while your own party violates it, too, you are a hypocrite and an enemy of the Constitution, whether you swear or support an oath to it or not.

America has turned its back on morality and virtue. But our American system was built on the assumption that morality and virtue would remain common paradigms among the people. John Adams put it this way:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

John Adams to Massachusetts Militia, 11 October 1798

And James Madison voiced similar convictions:

“As there is a degree of depravity in mankind which requires a certain degree of circumspection and distrust, so there are other qualities in human nature which justify a certain portion of esteem and confidence. Republican government presupposes the existence of these qualities in a higher degree than any other form. Were the pictures which have been drawn by the political jealousy of some among us faithful likenesses of the human character, the inference would be, that there is not sufficient virtue among men for self-government; and that nothing less than the chains of despotism can restrain them from destroying and devouring one another.”

James madison. federalist papers #55. 1788

We no longer have in the American public more virtue than vice–more good than bad—more truth than falsehood—more responsibility than irresponsibility–more rationality than irrationality. And so, we are defenseless against the world’s wicked, who would take us over for their own devices. Indeed, we have let the wicked in our own government have their way with us for a couple of centuries already. And now, it seems, it is someone else’s turn.

The American experiment has ultimately failed after a long train of negligence by her own people. And even though such a statement is sure to raise the hackles of some who fashion themselves as true patriots still trying to make a difference, I trust they will come to agree with me about that failure in short order, when it has become undeniably obvious.

I’ve been trying for years to turn the American head from partisanship to a Constitutionalist philosophy, but she’s just not interested. She’s hell-bent on faction and all the deadly cognitive biases that go with it, such as “If we were wrong about this, we’d know it” and “Well, when our party violates the Constitution, at least it’s for a good cause.”

American has been given her rope since 1789, and now at last, the global crowd is gathering to watch her hang herself with it.

This is tragic, and Shakespeare himself could not have written anything more heart-breaking. And if it is a tragedy of aggression, it is twice-over a tragedy of self. Of character. We strive in America not to be responsible for the state of our own Union.

“No individual raindrop ever considers itself responsible for the flood.”

Source unknown

Indeed, in America, we have long cherished this popular quotation for the heart-warming lie in it:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

dubiously attributed to edmund burke

And what’s the lie in that? It’s in the tacit implication that you can at once be “good” and “do nothing”.

That’s where America went wrong. That’s where we blew it. Traditionally, Americans since 1789 have not thought it was worth making the personal investment to do our part in keeping the Union on the straight-and-narrow. And so we have squandered it. Ours is the generation that will go down in history as being officially responsible for the failure of all the generations since 1789 to keep the founding principles. They handed it off to us worse than how they found it, and we are now handing it off to the Globalist-Communist coup, who, simply put, want it more than we do.

And so I imagine that I had better become the farmer and the vigilant arms-bearing defender of the household sooner than later. And who knows whether it makes any sense to write any further word in promotion of those grand principles upon which this country was founded? If America isn’t listening, what’s the point?

Perhaps I’ll die in a gulag for having written the things I’ve written so far. Or perhaps from a pistol shot to the back of the head in an execution on the street. Or perhaps from starvation or disease. Or perhaps while defending my family and/or property from dishonest neighbors. Who knows? Each seems likely at this point.

But let me shift gears here and say that whether my death is three days from now, or 30 years from now doesn’t much matter, in one sense, anyway. That’s because I believe that this world is not necessarily the end of the line for us humans. I believe that God created two worlds, and not just one. And I believe that in that second world—that Heavenly Jerusalem—that Holy City—God himself keeps the corrupt out of it, and only whose those who love righteousness and justice are allowed to live there.

“Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children. But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” … 26 The glory and honor of the nations will be brought into it. 27 Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life. … 22:15  Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

excerpts from revelation chapters 21 and 22

This world, therefore, is a proving grounds of sort—a test to see what each of us will do with our time here—to see what kind of people we will chose to become. And those choices are not made in a trouble-free world, but oftentimes, in adversity. Jesus’ apostle, Paul, put it this way:

“…through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.”

Paul. acts 14:22, ESV

And Jesus put it to his apostles this way the night before he was crucified.

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

jesus. john 16:33 NIV

And I believe that this “overcoming” (or not!) is the test we face. Will we choose to be righteous like Jesus, overcoming the evil that is so prevalent in this world? Or will we take the wicked way out and disqualify ourselves for that Heavenly Jerusalem?

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

paul. romans 12:21. esv

And there’s a great risk of being a counterfeit believer, who claims to believe, and yet who does not overcome the world:

“For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world.”

John. 1 john 5:4

But God knows who is true. And he is wise enough to judge which of us should live in his Holy City and which should be barred from it.

“…we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.”

paul. 2 corinthians 5:10

That is the fate that awaits us. God will have his final say in the case of every individual among us. And I look forward to this in the hope that my own desire for righteousness and justice will not fall short of his approval. Even so, many Christians have got the Bible message (and its value) as much wrong as they have got the Constitution and its value. Many will find my take on things to be “legalistic” and even “heretical” or “from the devil”—even though I have showed it not in the words of the devil, but in the words of the Bible. And I believe that the Globalists/Communists have infiltrated many of the churches in various ways, so as to pollute their beliefs in such ways as would undermine America’s future.

Our immediate circumstance, however, is one in which violent and ruthless people wish to have control of our country, and have already got it more than we realize. People who will never pass God’s righteous judgment wish to have our country for their own sinister and selfish use. And the Americans will find it taken away from them before they know it—before most have figured out what is happening.

And the days will be very dark, indeed. And many will die an early death. And there’s no way the new regime is going to neglect coming for our guns, for they are the very tools that might help former Americans in the future to overthrow the coup, should they choose to change their minds. Where many are unclear, it seems, is in the fact that the coup is certain, even if its implementation doesn’t come all in one week.

Perhaps you will disagree. But we’ll see, won’t we?

And our peril lies in deciding too late—once again, as America almost always does—that a clear and present danger exists. Americans are well-armed in the literal sense, but not so much in the philosophical sense. We have been deprived of the lessons from the wisdom of the ages, since our schools don’t really teach those anymore—and especially since Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education was rolled out in 1980 to undermine the training of the American public according to the Globalist/Communist agenda. So much has fallen apart, even in these 41 years since the DOE began.

But if it has come to tragedy and war and poverty, then those things have a way of teaching reality to people who would not otherwise be very interested in embracing it. And surely, more will listen then who are not listening now.

For now, it’s as if America were living off of an inheritance–metaphorically speaking–and doing nothing herself to provide for her present or her future. She’s living off of the peace afforded by generations of her forebears. And she’s living off the the vestiges of the strong economy that they created for her. She’s living off of the heritage of human rights that was once declared so boldly, and that has been dwindling away in many respects with each successive overreach of the central government. She might as well be one of those lottery winners we read about, who squanders away millions and ends up poorer than they won.

This, friends, is who America is today. She could always change, of course—and I am always hopeful of that—even more hopeful than many of my friends can understand. I’m hopeful because I have changed myself. Indeed, I have spent years writing to spur people on, as did Paine with this metaphorical one-liner:

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

THOMAS PAINE, Common Sense, conclusion. 1776.

Truly, we do have that within our power. But getting us to value such a thing, and to invest ourselves to that end—well, that’s another thing altogether.

I think the party is over. Or so nearly over as to make it right to say it’s over. Perhaps some will linger a little longer, but what person with his or her eyes open cannot see its decline? The corruption is mounting, as is the loss of liberty. And the Great Experiment has failed—though the lessons we can learn from it could surely be applied to a more successful run by a people who would simply decide to be more diligent than we have been in defending principle and liberty.

Even if we fail at government—if we have bungled our chance at it—let every one of us discover that we do not have to fail at self. Let us discover that we can choose for ourselves–regardless of anyone else’s choices—to be just and righteous and honest and rational and responsible. This will win us the eternal victory, even if the temporary political victory is lost.


If we were to decide en masse to become a people like that—
A people of authentic honor and courage and justice—
There is no end to the improvements we could make upon our body politic.
I see no obstacle to keep a people like that from learning how to “guard the guards” of government sufficiently to enjoy a time of peace and prosperity on our watch.

It is up to us. And from here forward, it gets exponentially harder to reform our nation, after having let the Globalists/Communists get such a foothold.

You’ll see.

And now, one more thought before I go.

Christians are very divided on the question of how they should behave in all this. Some take a separatist view of it, and consider it all “worldly” and “civilian affairs” and such. And they think they do best to stay uninvolved and to just focus on church or other “spiritual” matters. Meanwhile, others see that God himself implemented government among the Israelites, his “chosen people” of Bible times, and that he himself instructed them to fight wars and to punish corruption—even with the death penalty. And they see that even in the New Testament there was the execution of Ananias and Sapphira under the authority of the apostles (and of God, of course), and they see the occasional puzzling statement from Jesus, such as:

“And let him who has no sword sell his outer garment and buy one.”

jesus. luke 22:36


“My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.”

jesus. john 18:36

And they reason that the American crisis is not about Jesus’ kingdom, but about an earthly one—and that the defense of earthly kingdoms does indeed require fighting sometimes. And to the question of whether to fight for a worldly “kingdom”, they reason it the same way that Alvin C. York (most decorated US soldier of WWI) did:

“Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.”

jesus. matthew 22:12

And this all presents us with quite a test. How we judge these things says a great deal about what kind of people we are. Will we adopt the whole of Jesus’ example in courage and in self-sacrifice and in the following of principle over one’s own selfish desires? Or will we opine that God gives a pass on all that, and that it’s acceptable to him if we should choose simply to be the kind of “good” person that will “do nothing” in the face of wicked tyranny?

Indeed, many are afraid even to speak out about the evil, even if they have no intention whatsoever of taking up arms against it. And how many of them know that in so doing, they re violating Paul’s directive here?:

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

Paul. ephesians 5:11

Will they have the courage, at least, to do that?

I fear not, for many today who claim Jesus remain decidedly silent about the current corruption. It’s as if they are ashamed of the truth, or afraid of retribution for stating it.

And it seems to me that America has been built more on that sort of person than on the sort who will take a stand, both in word and in deed. They are the sort to stand by quietly while the establishment continues to dare God by violating this passage:

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

god. isaiah 5:20

So few among them will ever heed the scriptures here:

“Speak up and judge fairly;
    defend the rights of the poor and needy.”


And I’m quite afraid that in America, too few are the sorts who will interpret the Bible in such a way as to decide the fighting for liberty and justice for all is a good thing to do—and that too many are those who will continue to say “…with liberty and justice for all” without lifting a finger themselves to secure and maintain that liberty.

I trust that my own judgment in this matter is obvious. But whether I am right or not, God is the judge of us all. And he will judge us all. You’ll see.

And for those who are sure to stumble over the traditional misinterpretation of Romans 13 (“Obey the government!”), it’s time to do some new Bible study because you’re unvetted traditions cause you to lose your country. See my 4-part treatment of this issue as it pertained to the COVID mask mandates.

Let us, then, give careful thought to our ways, for much is now at risk. And if it is not too late already to stop the coup, surely it will be too late very soon.

When it comes to America, here is what I believe in:

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