The Lonely Road to Mastery

Man Walking Down the Road, Juri Napal. Credit: Ashishlohorung

Somewhere on the journey to mastery,
One starts to realize that even though
He doesn’t know everything yet, so much of
What he sees in this world can be fixed—
And that he knows how to fix some of it.

And he will also notice that rare
Among the people is the cry, “Fix us!”,
For most do not start with the end in mind,
But only the beginning—and having started,
Are quite fond of considering themselves
To be doing well enough,
Thank you very much.

And far too many among them
Will see the very idea of mastery—
And certainly any initiative aimed at
Taking them there—
As a threat to their identity.

And whatever will he do,
Who, for the love of the game,
Has sought to learn it more fully?

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