The Guy That Needs a Talking-To Anytime Soon

It’s Him.
Him’s the guy that needs a talking-to anytime soon.
But Him won’t listen to anybody but Him Self.
And you can bet that Mr. Him Stubborn Self
Is so not going to be starting up that conversation
Anytime soon!

As it is,
We are all
And Him is all
At the mercy of Him Stubborn Self
Until such time as we should come to love Him―
And us, mind you―
And Jesus, mind you again―
Enough to put Him out of our number,
Pending the repentance of Him Stubborn Self.

Indeed! Could we not reason―
Hypothetically speaking, mind you―
That such shunning has as good a chance as anything
At jolting Him into taking control of Him Stubborn Self,
And putting Him Self in Him’s proper place and
In Him’s right mind?―
That he might come to his senses
As did the Prodigal on that fabled journey?

But, alas! Who loves anybody that much these days?

Really! Who finds the intolerable intolerable anymore
Under this prevailing Tolerance Gospel?

So one could almost wonder―
Almost, mind you―
Whether maybe we are the guy
That needs a talking to.

But one pretty much knows from experience
That Our Stubborn Self is not going to be
Starting up that conversation anytime soon,
For Our has made Our’s choice plain
In choosing the company of Him over Jesus―
And letting Him choose Him over Jesus, too,
Even as we give Him quarter in our midst.

So far, this has helped us feel a twisted good
About Our Stubborn Self as we deceive Our Self
That this is what Jesus would have done, too―
And what martyrs we have become!―
Like Jesus himself, mind you!―
That we should suffer so at the hands
Of Him Stubborn Self―
Menace that he has become to Our Stubborn Self,
Who still likes to be done well unto by others
Even if Our Stubborn Self is not willing
To do well unto them anytime soon.

So let Our Stubborn Self take heart
That we have dared to imagine
Having this talk with Our Self
In lieu of actually having it―
Since it’s the thought that counts, anyway.

And really, isn’t this much ado about nothing?
Didn’t this all arise out of a temporary depletion
Of Our’s soul―a moment of weakness in Our’s
Patience toward our dear brother, Him,
Who deserves every much as Our
Or anybody else to worship here
At First Tolerance?

That’s all it was.
And we have now
Got it settled.
Praise Jesus!

Nothing to see here, folks.
Move along!

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