It Says Right There

It says right there in the Bible
That God’s thoughts and ways
Are higher than man’s.
And even so, it charges man in
What must be a hundred different ways
To get busy learning.

Let the reader understand.

Instead, most people walk around
With the attitude that
They’ve more-or-less
Got things figured out,
And understand what God wants.

It’s just too much trouble, it seems,
To stop and check their own math.
And then, once “The Church” signs off on it,
What’s the point of questioning that?
Surely, “The Church” could not be wrong,
And what sort of sick, twisted freak
Would ever say it could be so?

God has presented himself to mankind,
Giving a great deal for our consideration,
And most will hardly lift a finger to that end,
As if, perhaps, some better God might someday
Come along, who seems more worth their time.

How did the people become
So utterly arrogant―
And at such young ages―
Without help?
Well, let us never mind that,
They will say.

Children are born naturally set for discovery―
Even of God―
But this is taught out of them posthaste,
Lest it get out of hand and disrupt
Our sacred societies―new wine and all that.

They won’t think they’re doing it, but they are,
Having long long-since learned that
What it says right there doesn’t matter,
And ought not slow down their religion.

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