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Read It, America!

The idea is very simple: Get one million Americans to read the Constitution!

This project is currently in mothballs as it proved that America simply is not interested in reading her own Constitution at this present time.  The project was a simple one, simply promoting a reading event from September 11 through September 17 (Constitution Day).  In that week, the goal would be to get 1 million Americans to read the Constitution online and to check off that they did it.  That’s it.  No partisanship, no spin, no ads, no ulterior motive.

Except for a very few Facebook friends, nobody showed any interest in it after about a year of leaving the website up, so I took it down.  It would seem that America is not interested in taking any new steps to fix herself…even when those steps are obvious, small, and simple.  Thus does our work continue in our search for a way to inspire America simply to care about herself in some reality-based way.

Rule of Law Restoration

Battling over “Left” and “Right” when government is exceeding its lawful limits is like arguing over who gets to sit in the driver’s seat as a car speeds off a cliff. It’s time we came to our senses and put first things first: restoring all governments in the USA to the Rule of Law!

I’ve spent about 9 years developing a political philosophy that (I hope) is immune to the common mantras and rationale of the so-called “two-party system”.  Continue reading Rule of Law Restoration