Rule of Law Restoration

Battling over “Left” and “Right” when government is exceeding its lawful limits is like arguing over who gets to sit in the driver’s seat as a car speeds off a cliff. It’s time we came to our senses and put first things first: restoring all governments in the USA to the Rule of Law!

I’ve spent about 9 years developing a political philosophy that (I hope) is immune to the common mantras and rationale of the so-called “two-party system”.  Since I observe that that system does not work to better our society, I became convinced that the real truth about “what time it is” must lie elsewhere.  My research led me to two fundamental issues:

  1. The American people lack the aggregate character necessary to be good overseers of a constitutional republic.  (About my upcoming book.)
  2. The rule of law is employed only selectively in the US, and not consistently.  Worse, the people do not comprehend what a catastrophic failure this is in principle.  Thus do they do nothing to correct it.

Over the past three or four years, Kay and I have produced a fair body of work on this topic and have incorporated it into an initiative called  The Rule of Law Restoration.  In short, we have found that the people find this idea too high-minded, and would rather simply go and vote for someone else the next time around.  We still believe in the project, however, so we have put in on hiatus (since we simply haven’t the time to do the work without financial support) until we can manage to provide for it the support it deserves.

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