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The “Let It Shine” Fallacy

There is a very common fallacy of sorts in our American culture.  It has to do with activism, patriotism, religious fervor, and so forth, and it goes something like this: “I’m going to let my little light shine, and from … Continue reading

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What is My “World View”?

Every once in a while, someone inquires about my “world view”.   Here it is: There is nothing unreal in the entire known Universe, with the one exception of what happens in the imaginations of humans. Humans often get trapped in … Continue reading

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Why America Fell

You can read my latest essay on its own website here:  

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The Activist’s Curse

The activist’s curse lies in the following rhetorical question: If I can change my mind, and if you can change your mind, who are you and I to unilaterally declare that it is too late for the rest of our … Continue reading

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