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The Sole Reform Fallacy

I have coined the term Sole Reform Fallacy (or Sole Remedy Fallacy) to name a cognitive error I have seen frequently in play with regard to politics and religion.  Here is its definition. Sole Reform Fallacy—the error of judgment by … Continue reading

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My Constant Frustration

I live my life under the constant frustration that things of fundamental and preeminent importance must so frequently take a back seat to the practical business of being a worker/consumer cog in the prevailing economic machine.  And the machine does … Continue reading

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You Are Only Half Right About Bias

bi’·as noun an inclination of temperament or outlook; especially : a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment : prejudice ——————————— I observe that you are only half right about bias, friend.  You are spot on with what you think already, but … Continue reading

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What Intelligence Tests Miss

These are my notes for: What Intelligence Tests Miss:  The Psychology of Rational Thought by Keith E. Stanovich This book is profoundly important as it highlights a crucial deficit in the American awareness of its own cognitive health.  I found … Continue reading

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What is My “World View”?

Every once in a while, someone inquires about my “world view”.   Here it is: There is nothing unreal in the entire known Universe, with the one exception of what happens in the imaginations of humans. Humans often get trapped in … Continue reading

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Where Lies the Bulk of Human Evils

It is my observation that the bulk of human evils lies in the taking of that which does not really belong to the taker.  Let me count the ways: Taking conclusions, opinions, or beliefs that are not fairly derived from … Continue reading

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Credentials? Really?

Earlier today I posted an article and video about a non-Christian scientist who finds some problems with Darwinian Evolution.  I also posted a link to my article on a Facebook discussion, where the following noteworthy discussion ensued between a friend … Continue reading

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How I Beat Advanced Spider Solitaire a Bajillion Times and What It Means for the Rest of My Life

Whooda thunkit, but I learned some invaluable life lessons from a solitaire card game that came preloaded on my computer! The game is Spider Solitaire (advanced 4-suit version) and if you don’t know it, don’t worry; I won’t bore you … Continue reading

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Dysrationalia: I am too holy to give an answer to you

What follows is a discussion that arose as an offshoot of a Facebook discussion regarding recent violent events in the USA.  I engaged a participant who made an assertion in support of the inherited sin model of Christian doctrine. Note … Continue reading

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Dysrationalia: God is leading the United States

Many claim that the United States is a “Christian nation”, that God is somehow “leading” us, that when we get bad presidents, that is God “giving us what we deserve”, and so forth. Here’s an example of a similar notion, … Continue reading

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