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What is My “World View”?

Every once in a while, someone inquires about my “world view”.   Here it is: There is nothing unreal in the entire known Universe, with the one exception of what happens in the imaginations of humans. Humans often get trapped in … Continue reading

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Why America Fell

You can read my latest essay on its own website here:  

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Ancient Aliens Debunked

For those of you who are familiar with the History Channel’s series, Ancient Aliens, you’ll want to watch this video that I ran across at YouTube. I’ve watched several episodes of Ancient Aliens over the past couple of years, with … Continue reading

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The Gold Bar Metaphor

See this gold bar? Chances are, you’ve never seen one laying on a neighbor’s lawn.  Likewise, I’d say that chances are pretty good that if you had one, you wouldn’t keep it out our your lawn, either. And why not?

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Commentary: The Coup De Grace by Ambrose Bierce

This post is in response to a question sent in by a reader earlier today: I’m currently taking a Biomedical Ethics course at the college. Your writings cover a wide range of topics and interests so I thought you would … Continue reading

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The Dishonesty of Drive-By Assertions

What’s a “drive-by assertion”?  It’s my name for an assertion that one makes and thereafter dodges rational debate on the matter. Here are a few varied scenarios that I believe to be typical of what’s going on in our cavalier … Continue reading

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Tragic Trust

NOTE:  I suppose this topic is worthy of an entire book, but I shall attempt to address it here only briefly. As I continue to observe the way things go here on Planet Earth, I keep noticing a troubling habit … Continue reading

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The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto

One book that has been very influential for Kay and me these past few years is: The Underground History of American Education: A Schoolteacher’s Intimate Investigation Into The Problem Of Modern Schooling by John Taylor Gatto.

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The Super Witness

Imagine for a moment that there were a Super Witness to every event since before the beginning of the Universe. Let us further imagine that our witness has all these qualities: has witnessed every event. has understood every event. has … Continue reading

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The Whiskey Rebellion

One a recent trip, Kay and I picked up a copy of The Whiskey Rebellion: George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and the Frontier Rebels Who Challenged America’s Newfound Sovereignty by William Hogeland.  After reading DiLorenzo’s The Real Lincoln, we were curious … Continue reading

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