On The Need For Language

The more use one has for communicating ideas and comparisons and contrasts, the more use one has for language.  Those who do not learn their own languages to a high degree are those who have no use for it at that level.  That is, they simply don’t care to learn how to use the language fully because they’re not interested in doing all the things that the language can do.

In fact, they might not even possess an awareness that reality exists at a granular level—where fine distinctions between facts are commonplace.  They are not the sort for magnifying glasses and microscopes, so in their view, they don’t need a language that is capable of expressing the minute details of a matter.  In their daily lives, they tend to recognize only macro facts, with little idea that entire universes of micro facts lie between the things they notice.

For some, this is a deliberate choice of ignorance. For others, it is simply because no one ever taught them the possibilities—and because they lack the curiosity and drive to figure it out for themselves.

Imagine what might happen if someone dared to teach them.  Though many are suspected of being incapable of higher mental function, few are actually incapable of it.  It is a cruel myth and a terrible bigotry to assume incapability before it is proven.  Yes, it’s true that many, upon being shown the higher way, will walk away from it, but what a difference it can make for the one who does not!

Does it ever occur to us to be generous with knowledge and intellect as it occurs to us to be generous with money and food?

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